IEEE TSYP'15 Congress

TSYP is an annual IEEE Tunisia section event where more than 200 IEEE students and young professionals meet together to network and learn more about the IEEE benefits and to discuss present and future engineering challenges. The program will includes technical, professional, educational, and social activities. Sessions will be presented by highly qualified national and international speakers. The program includes also a competition between IEEE student branches in Tunisia in order to select the student branch which will organize the next IEEE Tunisian Student and Young Professionals congress.

  • 300 +

    IEEE Tunisian SYP!

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    Conferance room

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    Projects & Student Branches

  • History of IEEE Tunisian Student Branch Congress

      1st congress December 2013: organized jointly by all student branches
      2nd congress December 2014: organized by the IEEE ENIS Student branch
      3rd congress December 2015: organized by the IEEE INSAT Student branch
      4th congress December 2016: who will win?!
  • History of IEEE INSAT

    1. IEEE INSAT SB Was founded in January 2013
    2. IEEE INSAT's Founder is Ghada Jaber & 11 Co-founders
    3. IEEE INSAT Student Branch had 15 members back then
  • Current IEEE INSAT

    1. The IEEE INSAT Student Branch has more now than 100 members
    2. The current chair is Skander Mansouri
    3. INSAT Student Branch has 3 official technical chapters : RAS/IAS/CS
    4. INSAT Student branch will be Hosting the Middle East Student & Young Professionals congress in 2017: MESYP'17
  • IEEE INSAT Awards

    1. TSBC'13 First place winners
    2. IEEE Entreprise Award 2014
    3. IEEE TSBC'14 winners
    4. IEEE MESBC'15 DOA Competition Winners

    1. Pionner Public University of Engineers
    2. INSAT Graduates are either Software,Industrial & Electrical, IT & Bio-Chemestry Engineers
    3. INSAT hosts each year many National Journeys like Tunirobots, Securiday & Aeroday!


The purpose of this event is to help students gain further insight, enabling exchange of knowledge and skills. The plenary sessions and Sessions in this congress will not only put their focus on research and technological developments, but also career issues and the importance of developing the so-called soft skills. By offering an interesting mix of speeches given by international and well known academical and industrial speakers, we want to give our participants a broad pallet in which both academical and industrial input is implemented in the debates. In this way, the event offers a unique opportunity to represent the vision of industrial speakers.

The vision of organizing such a congress is to increase the interest of IEEE Student members and volunteers in Tunisian IEEE Student Branches and their programs by a professional and remarkable event.

Networking between IEEE members and volunteers.Increasing knowledge among IEEE Tunisian SBs about IEEE programs and how they can be implemented and applied in their universities and communities.Experiencing such an event benefits the attendees in many fields (Technical and Non-Technical) through knowledge and engagement in some IEEE programs related to those fields.