Dec 18

1st Day

  • 12:00   Registration [take into consideration the security entrance time]
  • 15:00   Opening [All plenary sessions in Hannibal room]
  • 15:15   IEEE presentation
  • 16:00   Coffee Break & student activities booths SB contest phase 1
  • 16:30   [Hannibal room] Professional Talks:

              - Me, my life, and my career, by Nadhem Bardaa (Section PA officer)

              - What the CEO want?, by Hedi Gaaya (Les Grands Moulins du Cap Bon, Tunisia)

               [Olivier room] Intelligent Power Servers for PES, by Mahmoud Hammouda (ISSAT Sousse, Tunisia)

  • 19:30   IEEE Tunisia Section Awards ceremony / Gala Dinner

Dec 19

2nd Day

  • 08:30   SB contest phase 2 [for Student Branch officers]
  • 09:00   Cloud Computing, by Mohamed Ali Chouchane (Cloud Temple, Tunisia)
  • 09:45  [Hannibal room] Laboratory Experimentation and Real-Time Computing: Hands-on Experience, by Ahmed Rubaai (Howard University, USA; IAS Publications chair)

            [Olivier room] Renewable Energy Challenge, by Chokri Ben Salah (ISSAT Sousse, Tunisia)

  • 10:30   Coffee break
  • 11:00   Who is Who, or Can Be, in "ICT Education"?, by Edmundo Tovar Caro (IEEE Education Society, Vice President of Educational Activities, Distinguished Lecturer)
  • 11:45  [Hannibal room] How can biosensor design be adapted to specific compound detection?, by Yasmine Soussi (ULT, Tunisia)

            [Olivier room] Soft skills Workshop: Women in Power, by Najeh Chatti (ISTL Sousse, Tunisia)

  • 12:30   Lunch (group 1 at 12:30 & group 2 at 13:30)
  • 14:30   Unleashing the power of Internet of Things: challenges and key technology enablers, by Bechir Hamdaoui (Oregon State University, USA; IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Lecturer)
  • 15:30 [Hannibal room] Communication process, by Eya Mahjoubi Chahed (Polytech Sousse, Tunisia)

           [Olivier room] About Power and Energy Society and Membership Development, by Mohammed Seif Eddine (IEEE Egypt Section)

  • 16:30   Women in Engineering session, by IEEE WIE Tunisia affinity group
  • 18:00   Announcement of the 3 selected SB for the phase 3
  • 19:00   Dinner (group 1 at 19:00 and group 2 at 20:00)
  • 21:00   Networking

Dec 20

3rd Day

  • 09:00   Humanitarian activities, by IEEE SIGHT Tunisia group officers
  • 11:00   SB contest phase 3 - Debate
  • 12:00   Voting
  • 12:15   Closing