Dr.Ahmed Rubaai
Fellow IEEE Howard University Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department2300 6th Street, Northwest Washington, DC 20059


Dr. Ahmed is the Founder and Lead Developer of College of Engineering Motion Control and Drives Laboratory (http://www.controllab.howard.edu) that provides engineering students with valuable hands-on and “real-world” experiences.” His work covers a broad range of manufacturing and product applications and exemplifies his ability to bridge between academic research and the application to industrial applications. Of particular importance is his development of control technologies by way of intelligence; laying the technological foundations for the production versions of high-performance drives used in an expansive array of industrial, commercial, and transportation applications today. Dr. Rubaai’s many honors include the ASEE Robert Quinn Award in June 2011, IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS) 2nd Prize Paper Award in September 2007, ASEE Division of Experimentation and Laboratory Oriented Studies Best Paper Award in June 2006, Howard University Exemplary Teaching Award in April 2005, the IEEE IAS Honorable Mention Prize Paper Award in October 2002, ASEE Middle Atlantic Section Distinguished Educator Award (April 2001), NASA Glenn Software Release Award in June 2004, and Howard’s School of Engineering “Professor of the Year” in 1997 and 1998. He has served as Chair of the IEEE-IAS Manufacturing Systems Development and Applications Department (2006-2008), Chair of the IAS Industrial Automation and Control Committee (2000-2002), and Chair of ASEE Division of Experimentation and Laboratory Oriented Studies (2010-2011). He is currently serving as Chair of the IAS Publications Department and an Executive Board Member.