Hassene seddik
Section’s Awards and Recognition Committee Chair
Hassene seddik is a professor in the ENSIT School since 2015. He is born in 15 October 1972 in Tunisia, he has obtained the electromechanical engineer degree in 1995 and followed by the master degree in “signal processing: speaker recognition” and the thesis degree in data security and owner right privacy “watermarking using non-conventional transformations”. He obtained the HDR degree equivalent to the ability to supervise researches leading to obtain the full professor degree in the field of intelligent signal filtering and securing. He has over 50 international journals papers and 88 conference papers. His domain of interest is: data security Audio-image and video processing applied in filtering, encryption and watermarking. He belongs to the CEREP research unit and supervises actually six thesis and more than 45 masters in the field. He speaks 05 languages and he is very active in many fields. He is a member of the higher commission to validate masters and engineering programs. He participated to develop many programs of different private and national universities and engineers schools. He has over than 15 years as teaching experience and 17 years of administrative experience.