Isabelle Santos
UFRN SB Student Branch Chair


Isabelle is an electrical engineering student at Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN, Brazil). Technician in eletrotechnics formed by SENAI/RN and technician in information technology with emphasis in electronics by Digital Metropolis Institute UFRN. She has experience in automation and electro-pneumatics and as a teacher of SENAI/RN CTGAS-ER in the area of industrial electricity. She's currently an intern electrical engineer in Gynga Energy. Isabelle has a deep interest in renewable energy, automation and electrical power systems. She has a scholarship scientific initiation with project in the field of renewable energy and reactive compensation at UFRN since 2016. Isabelle is currently the UFRN SB Student Branch Chair. She is an active member of Industrial Application Society (IAS) and IEEE WIE. She participated in the reactivation of the Student Branch and the formation of the PES SB Chapter and WIE of its University.

Student Branch Activity at UFRN SB
Abstract: The presenter is a guest student from Brazil, Region-9. After a short introduction of her home city, region and country, an overview about the UFRN Student Branch and its activities will be given. The most important activity of the year was hosting the First IEEE Summer School on Smart Cities (IEEE S3C 2017), was held in Natal, Brazil, Aug 6-11, 2017. The presentation is addressing the challenges of the further development of the Summer School.